Saturday, December 19, 2009

New version of "Russian mosques"

New version of "Russian mosques" web-site has been just released.

Release Notes - Version 2.0


  • [RM-90] - Add proper error handling.
  • [RM-96] - ShowCityList.aspx: For two cities with the same name from different regions even if one of them doesn't contain any mosques, they are both enbolded.
  • [RM-97] - Fix problems with Session object.
  • [RM-98] - Application domain restarts unexpectedly.
  • [RM-100] - Fix view for IE6.
  • [RM-103] - ContactUs.aspx: The page generates exception.


  • [RM-72] - ShowCity.aspx: Add links to mosques' icons on the map.
  • [RM-91] - ShowCity.aspx: Improve google maps' search query, to increase probability of finding required city on the map.
  • [RM-93] - Create urls for language changing.
  • [RM-94] - Create db connections' pool.
  • [RM-95] - Sort link in links-cloud alphabetically.
  • [RM-104] - ShowCity.aspx: Add "Mosques in {cityName}" caption to the title.

New Feature

  • [RM-92] - Create map of Russia and show all mosques on it
  • [RM-101] - Add abbility to delete a mosque
  • [RM-102] - Add abbility to delete a city


  • [RM-99] - Profile the application and find memory impact places.
Кроме того, совместно с Данисом, была полностью заполнена информация о городах и было добавлено множество новых мечетей. В дальнейшем продолжаем работу над проектом в фоновом режиме иншаАллах. Если у кого есть идеи по функциональности, а также материалы, которые можно опубликовать на сайте, милости просим.

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