Monday, November 02, 2009

Мечети России.

Какой-то интернет-каталог самостоятельно добавил «Мечети России» в свою базу, написал грамотное описание (на английском) и сообщил мне об этом письмом. Мелочь, а приятно :)

Russian mosques is a well-designed, bilingual resource which catalogues over 200 mosques in the Russian Federation. Illustrated entries give information about the building, and to a lesser extent the community, with location indicated via Google maps. Contact details and URLs are provided for some mosques, and some entries include photos of both interior and exterior. Brief demographic and historical information about towns where mosques are located is also available. The project is supported by the Council of Muftis of Russia, but incorporates material from site users and open sources such as Wikipedia. Users may browse mosques in: Moscow; Kazan; Ufa; Astrakhan; Makhachkala; select via drop-down lists of region and city or click on a map. This site will be of most use to researchers of Islamic architecture and Islam in post-Soviet Russia.


Unknown said... <---- БАГГ!

Bashir Magomedov said...

Спасибо. Сейчас поправлю.

Bashir Magomedov said...

Починил. Еще баги найдешь, пиши! :) Спасибо!