Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DotNet Color Chart

Sometimes it can be useful to see a .NET predefined color - one of the System.Drawing.Color properties. I didn’t find an easy way of doing so. For instance if a developer wants to know how exactly looks Color.DobgerBlue he or she should try it in the test application. I didn’t find a table or a chart for these predefined colors. So I decided to write simple application that shows all named colors from Color structure.
It is really simple, but after I wrote it, I can pick required color without guessing on how it looks.
Source code and binary file can be downloaded here.


Ilya Troitskiy said...

Nice job. I think your program will be more useful if it will have opportunity to show colors sorted, for example by hue and brightness.
I've found good example of it here:
It could be useful when you need to quick find appropriate color.

Good Luck.

plotnick said...

Cool, but I agree with Ilya - I think this isn't the best layout for such thing.

Bashir Magomedov said...

Hi guys!
Thank you for your comments. Yes, the idea is great. Initially the code was written for my personal needs. I was needed to select appropriate color visually instead of guessing. I hope I’ll implement the required functionality soon when I have more free time inshaAllah.