Monday, May 04, 2009


AcuShape description is available at official KLA-Tencor site. AcuShape is a product which our team is now developing.
AcuShape is the most flexible solution for enabling Optical Critical Dimension (OCD) measurements of complex structures for advanced devices, both in production and R&D. This optical CD measurement software package enables offline model creation and on-tool wafer measurements of two-dimensional and three-dimensional device structures. Jointly developed by KLA-Tencor and TEL, AcuShape is supported by the resources of two industry-leading companies. AcuShape is currently released on the SpectraCD-200 system. Availability on other SpectraCD systems will be announced in the coming months.

  • Fully flexible 2D and 3D modeling enables measurement of finFET, bulb RCAT, spacer pitch splitting, and other advanced structures
  • Fast library generation (generally 10x faster than previous-generation software) reduces development time for new models and libraries and lets users obtain production-ready results quickly
  • Small library size promotes easy sharing and distribution throughout the fab
  • Step-by-step modeling guides the user through the process of creating a library and gives feedback to assist in optimization

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