Sunday, March 01, 2009

New version of Russian-mosques

Выпущена новая версия проекта "Мечети России" (Russian mosques).

Release Notes - Russian-mosques - Версия 1.2 beta


  • [RM-58] - The same cities (equal names) from different regions are not distinguished
  • [RM-60] - Cannot edit information for the cities with same names from different reigions
  • [RM-67] - AddEditMosque.aspx page: Name of a city displayed in English even when currently selected language is Russian.
  • [RM-68] - HijriDate control: Transliteration from arabic is shown only in English even if Russian is currently selected language.
  • [RM-69] - ShowCity.aspx: False postbacks occure


  • [RM-44] - Set user's language by default.
  • [RM-56] - Add current Gregorian date to the top of the master page just after Hijri date
  • [RM-59] - Enable HTML-formatting for cities and mosques.
  • [RM-61] - Move image generation from aspx page to a HttpHandler (abandon ImageToResponse.aspx)
  • [RM-63] - ShowCitiesList.aspx: Show region name for cities with same name from different regions
  • [RM-66] - Improve GoogleMaps query to show cities properly

New Feature

  • [RM-32] - Show related mosques on ShowMosque.aspx page
  • [RM-33] - Add related cities list to ShowCity.aspx page
  • [RM-54] - Create HijriDateView control
  • [RM-55] - Create Contact Us page
  • [RM-57] - Create small banner for RM project
  • [RM-62] - ShowCity.aspx: Show all mosques of a city on the city's map.
  • [RM-64] - ShowCitiesList.aspx: Add tooltip with region name to each city from the list.
  • [RM-65] - Add captcha validation

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