Thursday, January 08, 2009

New version of Russian-mosques

Выпущена новая версия проекта "Мечети России" (Russian mosques).

Release Notes - Russian-mosques - Версия 1.1 beta


  • RM-5 - Several phone numbers splited with ';' entered in edit-mode cannot be saved
  • RM-14 - Exception occurs during selection of a region If there are no cities in this region
  • RM-25 - Photos of any mosques in Makhachkala coudn't be added
  • RM-26 - Thank user after informing about a new mosque...
  • RM-49 - Remove postback from "Add to favorites" button.


  • RM-11 - Add vertical space between information and a coat of arms site on the ShowCity.aspx page
  • RM-22 - Fix ShowMosque.aspx page content
  • RM-23 - Somehow fix view in FF 3.0
  • RM-24 - Add tooltip for a phone number entering.
  • RM-27 - Create CopyrightNotes Control.
  • RM-28 - Change somehow relative paths for the counters iframe from the Masterpage
  • RM-29 - Add a link to Default.aspx on the top of Master page.
  • RM-30 - Remove http:// prefix if url doesn't exist
  • RM-34 - Improve the link to default.aspx page. Make it more obvious
  • RM-38 - Envelop all phone numbers in <nobr> tag.
  • RM-40 - Perform html-formating for an information about cities
  • RM-41 - Perform html-formating for an information about mosques
  • RM-43 - Enbold all cities that contain mosques on the ShowCities.aspx page
  • RM-45 - Extend user's session
  • RM-47 - Remove excess letters from ABCTab control
  • RM-50 - Add Google Analyze JavaScript code
  • RM-51 - Show coatOfArms as a floated image on the ShowCity.aspx page.

New Feature

  • RM-1 - Show "No information" message
  • RM-2 - Add actual information about moscow mosques.
  • RM-12 - If user (editor/administrator) is logged in then show "Add new Mosque" button on the ShowCity.aspx page
  • RM-31 - Create RelatedLinks control for showing several related links.
  • RM-46 - Add new section to the
  • RM-52 - Show google map with a city on the ShowCity.aspx
  • RM-53 - Show a mosque on the google map on the ShowMosque.aspx page


Anonymous said...

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Bashir Magomedov said...

Я не дизайнер, родной. Дизайн все равно будет полностью переделаваться профессионалом к моменту выходы их беты, иншаАллах.

Anonymous said...

Тогда точно читай ководство, там написано кто такие дизайнеры. Почитай, что такое промышленный дизай.