Saturday, October 18, 2008

Max Frei Books

I've finished reading Max Frei "The Labirints of Echo" series of books recently. Very interesting and easy to read, fresh and funny. :) Max is very unusual author. Here is what Wikipedia says about him:
Max Frei is the fictional narrator of ten Russian fantasy novels which make up the series called The Labyrinths of Eho ("Лабиринты Eхо"), as well as several other novels. He is also presented as the author of these and other works, being a pen name for the two writers (Svetlana Martynchik and Igor Stepin) who actually wrote them.
The books making up The Labyrinths of Eho desribe how Max, born in our world and having lived his first 30 years here, ends up in the city of Eho in another world, having been called there by the chief of the Secret Police, Juffin Halli. As Max gets acquainted with his new world, he discovers that he was called to Eho to be Juffin's Night Face, i.e. be his representative and second-in-command during the night shift.
Various adventures follow Max, and he always gets inadvertently involved, usually in the midst of things. Fate likes him, and everything happens for a reason. He discovers that he can do magic, more so than the other people he works with. He is special, and no one lets him forget it for a second. His life as described in the novels is full of serendipity and fateful encounters and events, and the books themselves are highly philosophical while being written as fantasy-comedy.


Nesusvet said...

Попса =)

Bashir Magomedov said...

Согласен :) Зато прикольная попса.