Saturday, September 20, 2008


My personal project I’m currently working on is getting bigger and more complex. After the case when I lost significant changes last week, I decided that my project needs in serious maintain. Basing on my previous experience and on advices of my friends I decided to maintain my project with extra tools.
Now I've begun to use:
VS 2008 (C#, ASP.NET) for coding
VisualSVN as a files versioning system server
CollabNet Subversion as file versioning system client
Araxis Merge 2008 as a merge tool
JIRA Standard as a bug and issue tracking tool

All these software are installed on my laptop and works fine. JIRA and Araxis Merge still in trial mode, but it is enough in the meantime. Hope I’ll be able to publish my project in the Internet soon, inshaAllah.

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