Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back from IELTS

I've just returned from IELTS exam. I'm so tired. Yesterday I went to bed about 1am and slept about 5 hours only. The exam has begun with late at 10.10 am instead of 9.30, maybe because there were too many people. Listening was awful. I habited to do this test in headset, but in class with about 100 persons this is impossible, so the loud speakers have been used. I've missed several questions (up to 5), and in 5 other I'm not pretty sure.
Reading was the easiest one for me. I've spent about 40 minutes (instead of 1 hour) and I hope will score more than 33 right answers.
Writing was not really difficult, but I really can't predict any results.
Speaking is tomorrow inshaAllah.

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sara said...

a well framed essay.. the only thing i felt is the need to state your opinion clearly in the introduction..

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