Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have just compleated wonderful book on XP methodology (Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win by Ken Auer, Roy Miller russian trnslation), which has clarified many things to me. I have believed that XP is a techique of future before read this book, but now I'm tully sure that it is really so. Also I'm reading (at the 4-th chapter) Writing Secure Code by Michael Howard and David C. LeBlanc russian translation. It is little obsolete but, some things written very good and still actual.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Immigration to Canada (?)

Tomorrow I’m going to the Canadian Embassy to visit seminar for “Skilled workers” ( Canadian government offers special program for skilled migrants. Anyone who satisfies their requirements can apply for Canadian citizenship. It’s annoying that review of applications takes at least 2 years, and after that you became (if you are lucky) the citizen. But what if, I won’t like Canada when I get there? What If I just want to work there some time and then decide: am I willing to stay there or not? I hope that they will explain all details tomorrow, inshaAllah.