Friday, October 19, 2007


I have already finished the book “Refactoring” which is very good one. All that I knew before reading this book is now systemized and gives me the better understanding of refactoring. Now I have begun to read other book of Fowler written with Kent Beck - “Planning extreme programming” and have started the concentrated study of the WPF. XAML isn’t as easy as it seems at the first look; it is much more complicated and functional. I’m reading “Professional WPF Programming” (Wrox, 2007) and my head is almost overloaded, so huge set of possibilities, it is just amazing! I’m recommending this book to everyone who interests in WPF.
From the fiction I'm reading "Armagedon" by Stephen King about top secret virus named "Blue" have been developed by US goverment which becames free as a result of accident. All US are in fire, people dies and so on... as usual in his books. :)

Scientist From Czech Republic Converts To Islam