Friday, December 15, 2006


I have finished demo program on the multiagent control systems (MCS) project. The main goal of program is to demonstrate how effective is the our MC systems. We take for instance 5 targets with different strength and aim on them 10 rockets. The goal is to destroy more important targets with minimal amount of rockets and to gain most effective defeat effect.
There are two modes in demo program. First one is random control , than each rocket randomly chooses target and hit it. And the second one is then each rocket represents an agent, which communicates with other rockets and they all solves optimization task. Using such approach allows to increase the quality of found optimum, and thereby to increase the summary defeat.

The first picture represents random control mode, and the second one corresponds to our MCS. The insides of algorithm are not published yet. But, maybe soon, I hope, inshaAllah.
Demo is available at:

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