Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I’m in Makhachkala now. The weather is wonderful, sun is shining, birds are singing, looks like it is almost Spring :). It is unbelievable, especially in contrast of Moscow dark gray days and cold nights. Ariza is in hospital now, she is preparing to became mother. We are looking for our sweet daughter inshaAllah and we are so excite. I can’t find place for myself and I’m travailing between clinic and home almost for whole day :). Yesterday, we (I and Rashid) were in bowling-club. I liked it, it is very active game, and it is good for health. BTW Rashid won :). Ok.
I’ll better go and try to write something for my book.

Friday, December 15, 2006


I have finished demo program on the multiagent control systems (MCS) project. The main goal of program is to demonstrate how effective is the our MC systems. We take for instance 5 targets with different strength and aim on them 10 rockets. The goal is to destroy more important targets with minimal amount of rockets and to gain most effective defeat effect.
There are two modes in demo program. First one is random control , than each rocket randomly chooses target and hit it. And the second one is then each rocket represents an agent, which communicates with other rockets and they all solves optimization task. Using such approach allows to increase the quality of found optimum, and thereby to increase the summary defeat.

The first picture represents random control mode, and the second one corresponds to our MCS. The insides of algorithm are not published yet. But, maybe soon, I hope, inshaAllah.
Demo is available at:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I have decided to blog in English.

Last effort. All that I need to do - is to finish demo-program. Now I start to prepeare to departure. The jet flies out in 17th from Domodedovo airport. I don't know when I'll come back, but I hope to return not latter than in the middle of January, inshaAllah. Then I need to gather all my stuff and to quit. Oh... :) I worked here for 4 years, it is a long time for me. I like almost evereone of my co-workers, and I will miss them. But I have to, if I want to gain my goal. I have made some search and find several places where I can try to enter, but all it depends. I have not decided anything determined for now.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Заканчиваю сегодняшний рабочий день. Готов графический движок :)))) для демонстрашки. Случайное распределение работает на ура. Завтра иншАллаh буду мозги ему (движку) вправлять :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Программа диагностики типа инсульта практически готова. Осталось провести небольшую шлифовку, добавить пару методов в модуле работы с базой данных. Сделать систему многопользовательской (это конечно не мелочь, но это пооооттооооммм :) может быть :))
Ну там всякие мелочи в виде пары диалоговых окошек и прочее в таком духе. иншаАллаh, сегодня - завтра причешу и избавлюсь :)

После заполнения (или загрузки из базы) карточки больного, система ставит диагноз - кружок на карте Кохонена. Т.е. данные пациента попадают в одну из областей, каждая из которых соответствует определенному типу инсульта. На картинке выше, у больного судя по всему ишемический тип инсульта. Процент ошибки - 0.3%. Так что, я вполне доволен результатами работы, альхамдулиЛлах.
Надо писать отчет.